Life is busy, and we don’t often take the time we need to connect with others and God. Our adult ministries are designed to help you meet new people and hang out with old friends - all the while learning about ‍‍‍and growing closer to God.

Are you ready to go a step further and really connect? We’ve got some ways you can do that!


Adult Mi‍‍‍nistries

One of the ways we grow in our faith is to learn with others. You may not only have questions, but insights and experiences that can help others grow. Our sermon-based discussions provide a place to really get to know God and build lasting friendships.‍‍‍

Groups meet on various days and times throughout the week.

Spring Session

Weeks of April 15 - May13 (5 weeks)

Find a group

Contact the office ‍‍‍fo‍‍‍r more information.

Growth Gr‍‍‍oups

Do you ever look around and think you’re the only one who doesn’t hav‍‍‍e it all together? We’re here to tell you that we all have more in common with each other than you may think. Our Bible studies and events are put together in ways that let you grow closer to God alongside friends.‍‍‍

If adding another thing to your schedule seems exhausting, keep in mind we love to have fun. We’re sure you’ll find something here that you’ll want to make time for.


Leadership is in the process of reviewing and reforming our men's ministry to make it better and stronger than ever before. We're on track to make some exciting announcements in the next couple months.


‍‍‍We haven't forgotten about you!  ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍