Life is busy, and we don’t often take the time we need to connect with others and God. Our adult ministries are designed to help you meet new people and hang out with old friends - all the while learning about and growing closer to God.

Are you ready to go a step further and really connect? We’ve got some ways you can do that!

Adult Ministries

One of the ways we grow in our faith is to learn with others. You may not only have questions, but insights and experiences that can help others grow. Growth Groups provide a place to really get to know God and build lasting friendships.

We also have a group of college kids who want to help one another know and love Jesus on a deeper level. (Online)

Groups meet regularly at a time and place (in homes or online) that is convenient for them.

Contact us for more information.


Growth Groups

We all need connections with other women in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment. Quads are groups of four women who meet regularly to deepen their relationship with God and each other. Each group decides when, where, and how they meet. For more information or to find a Quad, email [email protected].

We also have some special events planned (with more on the way). Check out what we have coming up!




It’s not always easy to find a place where you can find authentic connections with other men. You’ve come to the right place. Throughout the year we provide ways for you to connect through small groups and special events (that usually revolve around great food!).

Our small groups are triads that meet on a day and time that works for all three men and meet September through May. Triads encourage connections through conversation, prayer, and time in the Bible. For more information or to find a Triad, email [email protected].