We're so glad that you decided to check out our website. We want to give you a glimpse into who we are and answer some of your questions.  

There’s nothing like meeting people face-to-face, and we hope you’ll have a cup of coffee with us, meet some friendly people, and see what makes us who we are - once we're clear to open our doors again.

You can check out one of our services at live.acchurch.org on Sundays at 9:00 or 10:30am or view past messages any time.


Are you going to make me log in with all my personal information?

No, but we’d love to know you visited one of our online services and send you a welcome email. There’s a Communication Card  tab on live.acchurch.org and our Messages page that you can fill out. You can also request more information and ask for prayer.


What should I wear to church on Sunday morning?

Whatever is comfortable: T-shirt and jeans, a dress...  we're not particular. Although, you may want to skip the PJs once we’re back in the building.

I don't have a Bible.

OK, that's not really a question, but you might be wondering if it matters. You don't need one, but if you want one you can download one (ie, Bible App, Bible Gateway). We use the New Living Translation.


Do you have anything for my kids (toddlers through 5th grade)?

Our kids' curriculum is available online. You can request more information about that on our communication card.

What if I have a kid older than 5th grade?

Our youth are meeting virtually and in person. Contact Pastor Simon for more information.

  When you do open the building again, where do I go?

We have greeters and ushers in the lobby who can help with any questions you have. Someone will direct you to the children’s check-in desk if you have kids to check in to Sunday school.

Do you have stuff going on during the week?

Yes! Various groups are meeting virtually. For information on what to expect when we’re back to the new normal, please peruse the rest of this website.

My question isn’t here. Who can I contact?

You can leave a voicemail at  847-255-2140, or you can email [email protected].