Volunteer Opportunities

We all know that there are people in the community that need a little help, but how do we find them or know exactly what they need?

We partner with and support local organizations that specialize in identifying those we're able to help - like Wheeling Township (Food Pantry, Adopt-a-Family, Meals-on-Wheels) Community Paint-a-thon, Wheeling High School Supply Drive, Journeys The Road Home, WINGS, and Feed My Starving Children.

Watch this space for upcoming opportunities.

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Each year we do missions around the world. For the past few years we have been partnering with organizations in Honduras to serve the people in the second poorest country in Central America. We are currently working with El Ayudante Honduras. Our youth have been serving in different areas in the United States. Consider joining us on one of our trips!

We also financially support a number of missionaries who serve around the globe. They serve in different areas and in different ways. Partnered with local churches, they all work to spread the good new of Jesus Christ.

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A church is a living thing made up of people, and we need everyone involved in order live and grow. What do you have a passion for?

What talents and skills do you have? We all have ways we can help out. Together we can serve God and each other.

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