We Believe

We Believe...

God is alive. He has always existed. He is the Designer and Creator of the universe. No one equals Him in power, authority, or knowledge. He is a Person, and cares about the people He has made. He is holy and always does what is just and right. He loves each one of us and rightly expects us to obey Him lovingly.

Jesus Christ is God. He has always existed but became man by a miraculous birth and lived on earth to show us what God is like. He healed the sick and handicapped. He comforted those who were sad, fed the hungry, brought dead people back to life, and rebuked hypocrisy and greed.

Jesus died for all people. He voluntarily accepted the punishment for sins that we deserve for disobeying God and failing to honor Him. Three days after his death, Jesus lived again! Many witnesses saw and talked with Him. Six weeks later He went back to heaven where He lives today as Lord and Savior.

We can be forgiven of all our wrong, and instead of experiencing God's punishment, live joyfully with Him forever. We must sorrowfully admit that we have sinned and dishonored God, and place our entire confidence in Jesus Christ as the one who laid down His life for us.

Those who commit themselves to Jesus Christ become members of God's family. We are motivated to live clean and honest lives by an appreciation of Christ's love for us. The Holy Spirit directs us and gives us the ability to live this new kind of life.

Jesus Christ is coming back again for His followers. Ultimately, all men and women will be raised from death. Depending on their response to Christ in this life, people will either experience painful exclusion from God in eternal loneliness or everlasting life with God.

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